Hinter’s internationalization is speeding up

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Hinter highlights its international vision and strategic thinking- to do the best as the largest international group providing professional services for feed enterprises.

Hinter has accelerated the pace of communications with international counterparts since 2007. Through R&D in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Asia, South America and other international markets & participating widely in international academic seminars and large-scale farming industry exhibitions, Hinter is rapidly promoting the export of its products whilst building its brand.

Hinter marketers are constantly gathering market information in more than 10 farming countries, including Russia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Ecuador, Cambodia, Turkey, Norway, Malaysia, Indonesia. Hinter’s technical experts have published dozens of articles in peer-reviewed international journals and participated in different international large-scale academic conferences. More than hundred overseas conterparts have visited Hinter, which also bring in more sales year by year.

In recent years, Hinter’s premix, additives and other high quality products have entered Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Cambodia and other overseas markets. This is due to the success of its integrated service marketing style based on high quality product, which has brought high value-added services for the customer and good support for the local aquafeed enterprises to strengthen their market position.

With the strong momentum of development outside China, the strength of Hinter’s team is ready for its internationalization and brand recognition. With the building of core competences and global management capacities, we believe that Hinter will eventually move up in the global aquaculture and animal husbandry industry.


Maitaining frequent exchanges with overseas conterparts

The Hinter symposium is also known as ‘grand meeting of industry’ and was often reported in international magazines